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About Product

Earn More

At Rewalty, as part of our delivery rider network you keep more of what you earn and with the same effort! We take pride in charging the lowest industry fees and helping riders keep more of their profits.

About Product

Loyalty Point

Delivery Riders are rewarded with loyalty points/REWA coins and will have the possibility to convert REWA points into bitcoin. Start earning & build your loyalty portfolio with cryptocoins!

About Product


We aim to keep the fees fair and sustainable.

About Product

Exclusive Payment Model

We are offering an exclusive driver payment model on every order:base delivery fee + rider fees.

Delivery/Rider FAQ's

  • How much is the Delivery Fee?

    • $5.40 for the first 2km.
    • $0.95 for the next km.

  • Can a Delivery Rider charge a Merchant extra fees if they wait too long or travel too far?

    No. If Riders think they want to be compensated more for the work, they need to contact us. They can’t directly charge Merchants an extra fee.

  • If a Customer requests a refund, is there an anti-fraud/investigation procedure in place?

    We will investigate the situation. If the issue comes from our Delivery Rider or if there’s a technical issue from our end, the Customer will be refunded by us.

  • How does Rewalty onboard Delivery Riders, and how much does Rewalty reward the Delivery Partners?

    • We onboard Riders using ads and referrals.
    • We don’t charge Riders commission. They currently keep 100% of their delivery.
    • Riders get paid directly from Customers who order delivery.

  • Currently do we have any delivery partners in cities like Joondalup, Rockingham, Bunbury, Margaret River and Albany?

    • We have Riders covering from Joondalup to Mandurah. We don’t yet have Riders in Margaret River or Albany.

  • Does Rewalty sign up Delivery Riders on a contract basis?

    • Yes.

  • Do you provide takeaway/delivery bags?

    • Yes. At no cost!

  • How do you select the delivery area? Radius or suburb by suburb?

    • By radius and you can control how far you want your food to be delivered using the Merchant Portal.

  • Can I advise the delivery fee per suburb?

    • That option isn’t available. We have a delivery fee structure in place based on the distance between the Customer and Merchant. And delivery fee on average is between $4-7 dollars.

  • Can customers track their orders?

    • Yes. They can see how far and how long the order will arrive on their phone.



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