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Why Rewalty?

At Rewalty, we are creating a revolution in the hospitality industry by offering the lowest commission rates in the industry to the Merchants with 10% comparison to 30-35% commissions that the other food delivery businesses charge.

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With our suite of blockchain-based hospitality products (delivery, pickup and table service ordering, point-of-sale system, loyalty network and social media engine), Rewalty’s tech puts Merchants back in power.

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Rider Network

Connect to a reliable, and efficient delivery network.

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24/7 Support

Local team offers 24/7 support.

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Loyalty Program

Make customer connections quickly and easily with our in-built loyalty network.

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Marketing Program

A range of free tailored onboarding marketing material.

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Free To Join

No lock in contracts.

How Does Rewalty Work?

Rewalty is easily integrated. Once you register with us, we are in contact and send out a tablet and tailored marketing material. We work through any of your needs, and get you set up quickly so you can start working efficiently and keep more of your profits.

Our commission rates are at 3% for table service ordering, 7.5% for pickup, and 10% for delivery.

It is free to join with no lock in contracts.

We have an intuitive app which works smarter for personalised customer experiences.

We have organic marketing with our social media engine, where customers are rewarded for sharing photos of their food which merchants can use to improve and promote their menus.

The loyalty network keeps customers connected, minimising marketing costs and increasing sales for Merchants.

We have a unique blockchain-based loyalty program where customers earn loyalty points known as REWA coins with each order and for their data.

These can be spent on the network, and do not expire.


Merchants FAQ's

  • How much is the Delivery Fee?

    • $5.40 for the first 2km.
    • $0.95 for the next km.

  • Can a Delivery Rider charge a Merchant extra fees if they wait too long or travel too far?

    • No. If a Delivery Rider wants to be compensated more for the work, they need to contact Rewalty. They can’t directly charge Merchants an extra fee.

  • If a Customer requests a refund, is there an anti-fraud/investigation procedure in place?

    • We will investigate the situation. If the issue comes from our Delivery Rider or if there’s a technical issue from our end, the Customer will be refunded by us.

  • Do you provide takeaway/delivery bags?

    • Yes. At no cost!

  • How do you select the delivery area? Can I advise the delivery fee per suburb?

    • By radius and you can control how far you want your food to be delivered using the Merchant Portal.
    • The option isn’t available for a fee per suburb. We have a delivery fee structure in place based on the distance between the Customer and Merchant. And delivery fee on average is between $4-7 dollars.

  • How does the Loyalty Program work?

    • Customers are automatically rewarded for their data, ordering and sharing food photos on our platform by Loyalty Points built on a blockchain-based system.

    - Customers earn a percentage of REWA from the total order (right now is 1% of the total order).
    - Examples: If I spend AU $100 on an order, I'll earn 1 REWA in my account - which is equivalent to AU $1 - and I can check this in the my wallet in the App.
    - Customers can use the REWA Coins/Loyalty Points to pay for their next orders, the full amount or some of it depending on how much they have and how costly the item.
    - Example: the burger costs $15. I have 5 REWA and use them all on this transaction, now I have to pay the other $10 with my card.

    • We credit Merchants 200 REWA when they join us. This can be checked on the Merchant App. Every time a Customer spends money on the business, the points will be automatically calculated and transferred to the Customer.

    • It's a digital currency and it circulates from different parties. Users spend REWA on Merchants, Merchants receive the REWA and spend it on rewarding other users. Other users receive the REWA and continue to spend it back to the Merchant. The cycle repeats.

  • Are there any monthly/recurring fees?

    • No. There is no hidden cost, no monthly or recurring fee. The only thing we charge is the commission from every successful order placed.

  • Is the tablet android? Does the tablet require WIFI / Tethering or is there a sim card provided?

    • Yes. A Lenovo to be exact.
    A WIFI connection is required. And we cannot provide a sim card as it has to be registered by the Merchant with their ID.

  • Does your order system connect to a printer - printing out order dockets? Is a printer provided? if not, which printers do the device / tablet support?

    • Yes it connects to print order dockets. We provide printer to the Merchant as a gift to improve their capacity to take on more orders. You can get a printer for free (with no setup cost) if you satisfy any of these 3 conditions:

    1. Receive and successfully fulfil 20 orders per week on Rewalty from your Customers.
    2. Spread the word and refer 4 of your Merchant friends to us (with name and contact number).
    3. Receive 10 orders per week and refer 2 Merchants.

  • What does the marketing package involve?

    • It involves: designed and printed flyers.

    - Flyers. A takeaway-size flyer you can pass on to your pickup or dine-in customers
    - Rewalty exclusives promotion. An exclusive item(s) is only on Rewalty that encourages people to order from the App.
    - Professional photoshoot. Food photos taken and edited by a professional photographer with technical camera.
    - In-store promotional collaterals: table stickers, a window sticker and A4-size flyers (At request).
    - Social media marketing. Content curated by us so you can share on your social channels.

  • Can I change my menu myself?

    • Yes. When you sign up, you have access to the Merchant Portal where you can modify your menu on the spot - saving you time and hassle. This is especially valuable during peak hours and avoids losing customers goodwill due to item unavailability.

Merchant registration steps


Create a profile

Set up your login profile to manage your account directly through the Rewalty app.


Register your business

Enter your business details and some background information about your Rewalty goals and objectives.


Start selling

You're now part of the Rewalty network!


Rewalty setup

The Rewalty customer success team will do the heavy lifting and running around for you.

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