Rewalty believes in fees that are fair and sustainable for life!

With Rewalty, the online food ordering app, you get rewarded with bitcoin or REWA coins on every order placed!

Start earning & build your loyalty portfolio with cryptocoins! Easy & instant exchange of your loyalty points with bitcoin or REWA coins.


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Be rewarded for Dine-In, Take Away and Delivery with Rewalty.

The same online ordering experience you're already used to, but with rewards and exclusive offers like you've never seen before!


Social Media Engine

Snap, upload & tag your food pics to get exclusive rewards! Also get rewarded for submitting reviews, watching ads & referring your friends & family to businesses.

You are rewarded with loyalty points that can be spent on the rewalty network.

You are able to gift or send rewalty points to your friends & family at 0% transaction cost!

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Loyalty Points

Be rewarded for dine-in, take away and delivery with rewalty!

We have a unique blockchain-based loyalty program where customers earn loyalty points with each order and their data.

Start collecting loyalty points/REWA coins or bitcoin on every order placed and begin to earn fees on every point held, whilst building your loyalty portfolio with cryptocoins!

Customers are able to instantly & easily exchange their loyalty points with bitcoin or REWA coins.

Loyalty points/REWA coins maintain their value over time due to its ‘first of its kind blockchain & stable backed technology’!

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